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The objective is simple:  NO Gas Pipeline!

Spectra Energy built a major natural gas pipeline expansion to New York City that runs through the heart of Jersey City.  Jersey City & NYC will bear tremendous risks with no reward, all for the benefit of Spectra Energy shareholders!

Natural gas pipelines are prone to high risk of leaks that are released as either fine mists of toxic spray or result in fires and explosions that may do significant damage to property and life.

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Because of the expected storm tonight,(Feb 12th), oral argument has been rescheduled to Wednesday Feb 19 at 2 PM. The Spectra Energy pipeline is built and transmitting gas. However, federal suits by NO Gas Pipeline, Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch and the municipality of Jersey City have not been heard yet. FINAL Oral arguments against FERC;s ruling on behalf of Spectra Energy's pipeline will be made on Feb 19 , 2014. Below is the press release for NGP, Sierra Club and Food & Water Watch brief focusing on lung cancer deaths due to Radon and cyber threats due to viral malware. In addition, Jersey City municipality will present their oral arguments relative to how FERC is biased as it is funded by the gas and oil industry stipulated under the National Gas Act.
Senator Frank Lautenberg was responsible for leading the effort to stop Spectra Energy gas pipeline through Hudson County. He first came out with concerns about the pipeline in a press release, 02/08/2010: "Lautenberg Questions Proposed Natural Gas Pipeline in Hudson County Following Connecticut Explosion".
Esther Wintner, running for council person in Ward B or running at-large, has posted a petition titled "Tax Spectra Energy". NO Gas Pipeline took a closer look at the petition and the proposed tax - and most likely it would be preempted by the Natural Gas Act or violate the Commerce Clause. Read further by clicking title.
One Clean World Foundation, based in Palm City, California, is reaching out to supporters to help NO Gas Pipeline in its attempt to stop the pipeline through Jersey City. If you can help in any way, please read on.
Carolyn Elefant, attorney representing NGP filed a Petition for Review against FERC in the District Court of Washington D.C. NGP has filed suit against FERC even though we are still raising the $15,000 necessary to engage FERC.
Remember: NO Gas Pipeline is each of you who make a commitment, who speak to friends and all of you who share this in common: We must raise $15,000 in less than 60 days! We all want NO Gas Pipeline!
Fracking waste is already being disposed of and treated in New Jersey. Places in PA and OH who previously have accepted fracking waste are now turning it away. This means even more dangerous fracking waste may be coming to New Jersey. -The NJ Senate Environment Committee has posted the fracking waste bill for a vote on June 7!-PLEASE HELP GET CALLS TO THE SENATE ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE!
Dale Hardman, President of No Gas Pipeline, said "We expected that FERC would rule in favor of Spectra Energy from the start of forming our group in February of 2010 and commented on our site and many times in public, including the last public hearing at Ferris High that the process was rigged, unreasonable, partially funded by the gas industry and FERC a swinging door of oil and gas bureaucrats.-We continue to seek members for our group to aid us before filing a suit to overturn FERC's ruling in Federal District Court."
As a result of questions by intervenors on the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has requested an extension for both the final EIS and FERC's final ruling. The new dates are March 16, 2012 for the final EIS and June 14, 2012 for the FERC final ruling. YOU showed that Jersey City, Bayonne Hoboken and New York City won't back down!
NJ DEP's Bob Martin, energy side consultant appointed by Governor Christie as Director, cynically dismisses YOU and grants Spectra Energy permits before FERC even rules approval of pipeline not due till April 2012 !
FERC's last meeting in Jersey City is over. Thanks to all who came out in the rain to hold signs, speak out and become members of NO Gas Pipeline. Read on to find out what happened at this meeting, what's next and what you must do to stop Spectra Energy's pipeline from coming through Jersey City.


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Recent Press

Construction on Spectra Energy’s high pressure natural gas pipeline is within months of completion, according to the engineers’ union doing most of the work on this controversial project. In fact, by the time attorneys for Jersey City filed a lawsuit in federal court last month to halt construction, engineers had already transported, assembled, and laid 5,400 feet of pipeline that now spans the entire Hudson River from Jersey City to Manhattan.
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Spectra Energy, the company that is currently constructing a large, high-pressure natural gas transmission pipeline between New Jersey and lower Manhattan, allegedly put off critical repairs and maintenance to its natural gas transmission system in Pennsylvania for more than four years, from July 2008 to August 2012, even though the company’s own testing indicated a potential problem, according to documents obtained by
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"Even as the pipeline races toward inevitability, the fight against it isn't over. Jersey City, along with the Sierra Club and others, is appealing FERC's approval decision in the court of appeals for the District of Columbia."
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The federal agency that in May green-lit Spectra Energy’s controversial proposal to build a natural-gas pipeline in parts of Hudson County has denied the city’s request that the agency reconsider its earlier decision.
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No Gas Pipeline, a grassroots group began protesting the pipeline from the start, said they too were not surprised at FERC’s ruling to deny a re-hearing. “We now will see about filing a suit as an appeal in federal court. The federal court has the power to overturn a FERC ruling,” said Dale Hardman, president of the group.
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“We’re going to have paintings, sculpture, a film that will be showing and then we’ve got a theater performance group, Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir,” says Hardman, noting that Gallagher is a member of the troupe and that Reverend Billy Talen himself will be emceeing the show.
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City attorney Derek Fanciullo points out that allowable deviations in Spectra Energy Corp's stated pipeline route make it impossible to assess the full impact of the route on life and property. Meanwhile, Spectra is going around snatching up land using eminent domain.
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Now that Spectra Energy has broken ground for its controversial natural gas pipeline project in Bayonne, a Spectra spokeswoman said the company will break ground in Jersey City sometime this month.
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The operators of the Liberty Humane Society animal shelter in Jersey City are in "communication" with Houston-based Spectra Energy regarding the portion of shelter land Spectra has seized to construct its controversial natural-gas pipeline.
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Officials at Hudson County largest animal shelter are scrambling for answers after they learned this week that the planned natural gas pipeline is scheduled to literally go through its backyard.
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